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We detect relevant public tenders for you.

Seize opportunities everywhere in Canada.

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We are reinventing the search for tenders

Access to Quebec, Ontario and Canadian public markets

We allow you to navigate the public tenders of the main Canadian and some American prime contractors. Not able to find the one you are looking for? Ask us!

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Artificial intelligence

This is where we use our main expertise: our powerful algorithms continuously improving the precision of your research in order to prioritize the best opportunities!

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Simple and centralized

Thanks to our platform, you will save precious time by navigating in a centralized and intuitive tool. You will choose a series of keywords and we will program the platform so that you receive only the relevant results. Finding the best opportunities is now a child's play!

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Daily summary email

In addition to an elegant and efficient platform, you will receive a daily email summary of the tenders relevant to your business.

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Significant benefits for your business

Win time

Optimize your time

Don't waste any more time looking for the best tenders for your company, we find the tenders corresponding to your search criteria.

Never miss calls for tenders

Don't miss any more opportunities

The fear of missing opportunities is now a thing of the past. Our robots supported by our artificial intelligence take care of everything.

Increase your winning bid rate

Increase your win rate

By spending less time researching tenders, you can focus on what really matters: The quality of your response.

Coming soon

Tools to help you qualify your public contracts more quickly and to allow you to increase your win rate.

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Business Intelligence

Strategic data to help you in all your decisions.

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Relevance rate

A score assigned to each tender based on your criteria.

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Extraction of relevant content

A summary of relevant information thanks to our expertise in natural language processing.

Increase your win rate now!


Speed up your research
and identify the right tenders


How much does it cost to find your tenders?

How much does it cost to find your tenders? Our observation is simple! Often companies pay for resources to check several times a day for new tenders. Between us, this time is somewhat wasted and could surely be used elsewhere. For example, to bid with the best possible answer.

We also noticed that sales offices often underestimate the time spent on tracking.

This only represents the evaluation of the tracking part of public contracts. Qualification time is not included.

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Frequently asked questions

I want to cover a larger geographic area

We want to regularly add new markets and have defined a calendar to do so. Our robots currently cover Canadian public markets: provincial tenders in Quebec, Ontario and those issued by the federal government of Canada. We also cover certain US states.

However, we are always listening to our customers. If you wish to add other markets, we are available to evaluate it. You can send your requests to hello@aloha-tenders.com

Will I miss tenders?

Our robots constantly check, on all platforms, if a new call for tenders is out for you. If so, the tender will instantly appear in your list.

In addition, to be sure that you don't miss any, we send you an email every evening summarizing the number of public markets we have found in the past 24 hours.

What type of industry is Aloha tenders for?

All industries! Whether you are selling goods, services, whether you are in the construction business, etc. Whenever you want to respond to Canadian public tenders, Aloha Tenders is perfect for you. Our goal is to save you time in finding and qualifying tenders so that you can focus on what matters: increasing your success rate.

We are committed to your success

Aloha Tenders identifies and qualifies all relevant public contracts for you. Focus on what matters: write and win.


Aloha Tenders is part of a complete automation solution for responding to tenders.

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