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January 7, 2021

Finally find time for these 3 activities

Now that Aloha Tenders takes care of spotting public procurement opportunities for you, and that the process is centralized on a single platform, here are 3 activities you can rediscover with the time you save every day.


1) Give yourself more time to write the submission

 Use the extra time you have available to polish your writing in peace, review the layout and take the time to enjoy your favorite coffee before you jump into proofreading your documents. Use this precious time to avoid the usual roller coaster of last-minute rush emotions.

2) Make that customer call that you keep putting off ‍

Schedule an additional customer satisfaction call, follow-up one more prospect, generate an extra sale. Find the minutes that were always missing and which make the difference. Stand out even more at your next team meeting.

3) Go for a snowshoe hike

 Finally, give yourself a little invigorating break. Pick up your snowshoes in the cellar and keep on exploring the vast regions of Quebec.

 While enjoying these beautiful places, you will be recharging your batteries to better tackle the next call for tenders!