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February 14, 2021

Fall in love with your public tenders again

In this season of love, let’s celebrate what truly counts: relationships with those we love! In the end, not much else really matters. Let’s invest in those precious relationships -  even if remote! 

Now, being Valentine’s Day, let’s chat about a relationship that’s gone sour for many of our customers: the RFP response process. Most will agree with the face value of RFPs: a solid revenue source for the company and the financial security of the public sector. Nevertheless, the process of identifying, assembling and submitting RFPs is often described as a “necessary evil”.

Therefore - let us suggest 3 ways to fall in love with your RFPs all over again!

Invest in the relationship

Love is, first and foremost, a decision! Decide to invest in your RFP process by giving yourself some dedicated time to strategize about your execution. Decide on your objectives and your key metrics, in order to establish realistic expectations with your team.

Furthermore, regular, quality time is necessary to identify relevant RFPs. Who said a great relationship can happen by pure coincidence? You need to be intentional and structured to be successful.

This brings us to the next point.

Invest in better tools

Once you have clear expectations and set some dates in your calendar, you must evaluate if you’ve got the right tools in place. Wanting things to work out isn’t sufficient, you need to have the right toolkit for success. In a relationship, your partner will appreciate you going the extra mile!

When you are working to identify the next best RFP to bid on, equip yourself with a tool to make this easier. At Umaneo, we have developed an application that simplifies this process and makes it much more enjoyable!

Plan next steps

Finally, a successful relationship with RFPs will bring you to a new stage in your business.

Winning your first RFPs will initiate the desire to make it repeatable. By being rigorous and patient, you will obtain the right outcome - but you need to be willing to put in the effort! It will be our pleasure to discuss how Umaneo can help you on that journey.

And they lived happily ever after and won many RFPs.